Skaneateles Basketball
Modified Post-Season

Modified Post-Season

  Coach Carl Foehl
    Phone Number: 224-8484


What is the Modified Post-Season?

The Skaneateles Boys Basketball Program instituted the modified post-season program in 2004 to enhance the programs offered by Bill Delaney Basketball and by the modified program through the school. The goal of the modified post-season is to have our teams compete against the best travel team competition from Central New York and beyond. Participation in the modified post-season basketball program has helped us build strength in our school programs at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels.


What is the commitment for the post-season?

The modified post-season teams for 7th and 8th grade will practice approximately two or three days per week. In addition, the teams will compete in the CNY League at the Hamilton St. Boys and Girls Club on Tip Hill. Our goal is to have our post-season teams play in two or three other tournaments depending on the availability of the participants. We also host games on Saturday afternoons and evenings whenever possible and will work to host our own home tournament as well. Our target is to have our post-season teams play between 20 and 30 games.  


How are the post-season teams funded?

The $150 goal that each player had to raise for the Shoot-A-Thon funds our participation in the post-season. Our expenses include paying officials for home games that we host, paying registration fees for tournaments, and paying for the CNY league. We put the money that the boys raise in to a fund minus their donation to Coaches vs. Cancer and use that to fund these expenses. There is an additional fee of $125-$175 to participate in the post-season as well. This fee will be determined once our Shoot-A-Thon funds are all received.


How is playing time allocated?

We will be playing in highly competitive games against some of the best programs from the area. Therefore, playing time will be based on who the top performers are on the team at a given time. Playing time will be earned.


What about playing Delaney and post-season?

The post-season schedule on the weekend will work around the schedule for Delaney games. We encourage all players to play both Delaney and post-season. The difference is that Delaney is for players at all levels with players getting equal time and post-season is more competitive in nature.

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